Perhaps the most common size of cardboard cups we encounter in our daily lives is the 7 Oz cardboard cup. People prefer cardboard cups of this size and depth for tea and coffee consumption. The reason for this is that it can hold more liquid than a 4 Oz cup. The cardboard cup size closest to the standard water glass measurement is 7 Oz.

Generally, they are available in the market with small starry models on a white background. There are, of course, models processed in different shapes with color and paint pigments. The number of cups that come with 1 box is 3000, and the number in a single package is 50.

These cups, which are found to be thicker compared to the 4 Oz size, are not easily damaged. Of course, they have certain limits. They can tear when they come into contact with cutting, piercing, or metal tools. That's why we use plastic stirrers when using these cups.


The production of these cardboard cups we mentioned consists of several stages. The first stage is paper pulp. The pulp, which turns into a roll, is cut in a measured manner with gaps on the edges. After this stage, the cups are placed in cup-forming machines. The empty spaces are heated with a heater or a machine.

This way, no liquid can spill out of the cup. Once it takes its final shape, the cup is ready for sale. If you want to see any print or color transition on the cup, you should apply a process to the paper pulp at the roll stage. 7 Oz cardboard cup or any size of cardboard cup is presented to users in this way.