Falling into the small cup category, the 6.5 Oz cardboard cup shares the same areas of use with the 7 Oz cardboard cup. In the consumption of hot or cold beverages, the 6.5 Oz cardboard cups are among the top preferences, just after the 7 Oz. There is not much of a significant dimensional difference compared to 7 Oz. The packaging stage of the products or the choice of quantity causes the difference during selection.

We talked about the practicality of cardboard cups. But why are these cardboard cups so practical? The answer is very simple. It's because it fulfills the motto of "use and throw away" in the best way. Especially within the last two years, this phrase has entered among the features we seek among the items we use. Because with the pandemic, the things we use, the accessories, the utensils, and even our cups have become a potential danger. We didn't hesitate to throw anything, even the slightest doubt in us, into the trash.


In this case, the demand for cardboard cups started to rapidly increase. Cardboard cups even began to be used in homes. The use of this product was not overlooked in individuals who have had Covid or suspected Covid. Even if one has not had the disease, these cardboard cups have minimized the risk of someone in the family getting sick.

At the same time, it provided an eco-friendly consumption with its recyclable feature. It still does. Many businesses around us pay attention to the use of this product. Especially in environments where hygiene conditions cannot be fully met, this product becomes necessary. Hospitals are the best example of this, while schools are another example. With the 6.5 Oz cardboard cup, enjoy your coffee in a hygienic way without any worries.