We use cardboard cups in many places in our daily lives. These cups come in various sizes. You might have noticed this. To realize the convenience in a single sip, you can use a 4 Oz cardboard cup.

As you know, the unit of measurement for cardboard cups is 'Oz.' Oz, in literal meaning, is the American fluid ounce. 1 Oz is approximately 29.57 ml. 4 Oz appears to be 111.828 ml. The height of the 4 Oz cups is 74 mm, and there are 1000 cups in a box.

These cups, which come in packs of 25, are used in our homes, offices, cafeterias, and many other places we may not even think of. The base measurement of the cups is 94 mm, and when looked at from the outside, they resemble a slightly inclined or pyramid-like shape.


Cardboard cups, available with different surface designs, keep the heat of your hot drinks. It brings the usage of liquid as hot for a long time. It provides great convenience with the disposable option, unlike glass or hard plastic cups.

These cups, commonly used for drinks like espresso and Turkish coffee, have a relatively low cost. It's not just for espresso or Turkish coffee; of course, a variety of products are placed and served in these cups.

These cardboard cup products, which are quite small and ergonomic, should be present in every business. Especially in places where eating and drinking activities take place, make sure not to run out of your cardboard cups. With the 4 Oz cardboard cup, prioritize convenience in all your businesses, regardless of small or large.