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Packaging is highly valuable for every product. It both protects the product and influences the consumer's purchasing behavior in commerce. Especially in today's world, with the increasing importance placed on appearance, product packaging has gained significance. Therefore, it has become a matter that requires extra care. Being aware of this and more, we, as Ahval packaging manufacturer, provide services with great care.


At Ahval Packaging, we have leveraged our 20 years of tourism experience. With confidence, we embarked on packaging production. We established this new venture in Kayseri to add value to your products. We have taken our place in the production of various cardboard cups and plates. Thus, we took a step to do the best for you by adding our expertise to the business. From shipping to export, we entered the industry with a wide range of products, from food to retail.


When producing our packaging, we take into account your requests and expectations. We meticulously handle every detail, from design to the materials used. We pursue excellence in every solution we offer you. Thus, we ensure you benefit from our services seamlessly and without errors.


Above all, we take our work seriously and strive to produce the best. We progress based on customer satisfaction, valuing each customer individually and aiming for your happiness as a result of our service. With all this in mind, we stand by you as Kayseri Ahval packaging manufacturer.

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The Epitome of Quality

Since our establishment, we have been providing our services with a focus on quality. Therefore, we meet your expectations with top-notch materials. We strive to meet your needs with the best possible solutions. We enjoy surprising you by delivering a quality that exceeds your expectations.

The quality we emphasize is not just a word for us. We also reflect it in our services and products. In doing so, we utilize the latest technological solutions. We believe that technology alone is insufficient. Therefore, we evaluate the opportunities provided by technology with an expert team. We aim for more than being a packaging manufacturer.

When showcasing quality, we base it on world standards, starting with our country. With every task we undertake, we enhance our quality further. We don't stand still and constantly think about how we can

Quality only happens when you care enough to do your very best.

Because we are aware of something. The better we are, the better it will reflect on you. The more importance we give to ourselves, the more significant our work will be in the eyes of people. We conduct our services with the awareness that what we sow is what we will reap.

As Ahval packaging manufacturer, we pursue a solution-oriented approach for you. We work based on certain principles. We progress without compromising on the quality of the service we provide. We eliminate the notion of 'just' and carry out our work in an extremely disciplined manner. We don't only look for quality in the materials we use; we adorn it with our craftsmanship. When you add our unquestionably qualified team into the equation, we achieve outstanding results in the packaging industry. In short, we achieve this with the epitome of quality.


What Do We Offer!

For years, we have been providing solutions in individual and corporate domains. Throughout this journey, we have been involved in every aspect of packaging from 'a' to 'z'. With our extensive product range and services, we have been striving to support you in many fields for a long time. In our role as a packaging manufacturer, we work to positively impact your promotional activities. Moreover, we help you achieve high income. We create special solutions with unique designs tailored for you and strive to meet your demands under all circumstances.

In delivering all our services, we offer the best at the most reasonable prices. Our goal, in line with what we promise, is to establish a lasting relationship with you and embark on a long journey together. In this journey, our bag is quite full. It contains our successes, goals, values, expertise, and dedication.

Our aim is to position you among the unforgettable. Therefore, to offer you something better, we constantly invest both financially and spiritually. As a packaging manufacturer, when it comes to packaging, we are always by your side. Now, we will provide you with important information about us that is of interest to you. What do we offer you and what do we produce? What materials do we use in our production? Here are all the details for you...

4 Oz Cardboard Cup

The 4 Oz cardboard cup, which is highly convenient for hot beverage consumption, is present in many aspects of our lives. It has already positioned itself as a staple for beverages like tea and coffee. This cup variety preserves the taste of the beverages without altering it. Additionally, it does not develop any unwanted odors. Its leak-proof structure also makes it advantageous. This product of ours, which is quite healthy, is suitable for use in promotional activities. It can also be produced with custom designs for the company's needs.

We generally sell our cups in packages or boxes. A package contains 25 pieces, while a box contains 1000 pieces. We produce our product with a base of 94 mm, a height of 73 mm, and a mouth diameter of 111 mm. Consequently, it can be categorized as a small size. Our cups do not experience issues like tearing. As a packaging manufacturer, we strive to deliver the best by maintaining the quality of our cups.

  • Practical
  • Healthy
  • Environmentally Friendly

6.5 Oz Cardboard Cup

One of the most preferred single-use cups, the 6.5 Oz cardboard cup, is commonly used for hot beverage consumption. We utilize top-quality raw materials in the production of our product. It is leak-proof and also durable, giving the cup an insulation feature. It is used in various settings, from offices to hospitals, schools to shops, due to its practicality and heat insulation properties.

These cardboard cups are packaged in sets of 50. When purchased as a box, it contains 3000 cups. We produce our product with a height of 71 mm, base diameter of 47 mm, and mouth diameter of 68 mm. As a cardboard cup manufacturer, we meticulously examine every detail of our product for years. Accordingly, we produce with great care.

  • Practical
  • Healthy
  • Environmentally Friendly

7 Oz Cardboard Cup

These cups, the 7 Oz cardboard cups, can be used for all types of beverages, whether hot or cold. They are produced using state-of-the-art machines. We elevate the value of the product with high-quality materials, making it more practical. Thanks to the materials we use in our product, the taste of the beverage you pour into it remains unaltered. Additionally, an invisible moisture barrier prevents the condensation of beverages. In addition to being leak-proof, it is also resistant to tearing. It is a highly healthy product.

Our product is available in packages of 50 cups, and the quantity in a box is 3000 cups. We manufacture it with a height of 77 mm, a base diameter of 51 mm, and a mouth diameter of 71 mm. These practical cups can be easily used in all aspects of your life and can also play an active role in your promotional activities. As a packaging manufacturer, these cups are frequently used by us as they are highly beneficial, cost-effective, and of high quality.

  • Practical
  • Healthy
  • Environmentally Friendly

12 Oz Cardboard Cup

In terms of size, it is quite large. Due to its resilient and sturdy structure, you can use it with the comfort you desire. It can be preferred for all products, whether hot or cold. You can enjoy your favorite beverages in detail with the 12 Oz cardboard cup. We provide a much larger space for your promotions. It is of very high quality due to the use of top-grade raw materials. It has leak-proof and tear-resistant features. Moreover, its economic and environmentally friendly nature is another advantage our product offers.

Our product comes in packages of 50 cups each. In a box, there are 2000 cups. The cup has a height of 110 mm, a base diameter of 49 mm, and a mouth diameter of 78 mm. It can be easily used in every setting. Its disposable nature and cost-effectiveness are significant advantages. Through our production of cardboard cups, we provide you with these and many other advantages.

  • Practical
  • Healthy
  • Environmentally Friendly

Cardboard Plate

Cardboard Plate

Offering a highly convenient and trouble-free usage, the cardboard plate is an ideal product for various applications. It is incredibly user-friendly and can be used for activities like picnics as well as for promotional purposes. We use top-quality materials in our plates, making them resistant to breakage and tearing. Moreover, they are exceptionally healthy, allowing you to comfortably place food products in them.

We offer our plates to you in packages of 25 pieces. When you choose to buy in bulk, a box will contain 1000 plates. Additionally, they have dimensions of 73 mm in height, 94 mm in base diameter, and 111 mm in mouth diameter. They can also be used for liquid foods like soup.

These plates can serve both as bowls and plates. Particularly, the exterior, in terms of its shape, is perfect for promotional activities. As a cardboard plate manufacturer, we offer you the most suitable option. We produce our product from materials that are highly resistant to damage and possess heat retention properties.

  • Practical
  • Healthy
  • Environmentally Friendly

Ahval Ambalaj

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Ahval Packaging is an environmentally friendly, aesthetic, and innovative company with highly skilled and certified professionals specializing in high-quality, customizable paper cup production!

The 'Realized' State of Goals

We achieve more with each passing day. With every new day, we reach our goals and set new ones. This keeps us constantly dynamic, adding energy to our vigor. As a packaging manufacturer, the path we walk is filled with 'ticks.' Therefore, when we look back, a satisfied smile forms on our faces.

Looking into the future, excitement and desire envelop us in this field. The reasons for these are what we have accomplished in the past and what awaits us for the future. With every goal we reach, we see that not only the ones working with us but also those benefiting from our services achieve their objectives.

Packaging is not something to be done haphazardly. In fact, it is much more than that. It is an element with much greater impacts than you may anticipate. That's why we work with this awareness. This is one of the main factors that contribute to our success. Through this mindset, both we and you achieve success. Regarding our position as a packaging manufacturer, we can say this; packaging is much more than an embellishment for a product. It is one of the key factors that determine the choice in the purchasing process. Additionally, it is a material that protects your product from potential harms it might encounter.

We are aware that your fundamental goal is profitability. As Ahval company, we stand by you to achieve this. We produce the best and most suitable packaging for your goals. If you wish, we provide you with custom solutions. Through our work, we ensure you gain prestige. We make you high-quality and attention-grabbing.

In short, we make you noticeable. With the packaging we produce, we appeal to people's curiosity, encouraging them to choose you. As a packaging manufacturer, we take our job very seriously and perform it excellently.

When it comes to packaging for the realization of your goals, we are here as Ahval company in Kayseri. With all our expertise and passion for work, we are waiting for you. We are eager to see the 'realized' state of your goals.


Cardboard Cup

Among packaging materials, cardboard is the safest. Therefore, we use top-grade cardboard in the products we manufacture. As Ahval Packaging, we offer practical solutions by producing cardboard cups. We use these products not only for their proper functionality but also for promotional purposes. We produce many different types of cardboard cups with various features for you. The cups we produce can serve any purpose you desire, and you can use them in any area you want.


Especially in recent times, due to hygiene and health considerations, we have started to prefer these disposable cups frequently. Their suitability for personal use makes them even more ideal. Hence, as a packaging manufacturer, we produce cups in various sizes and with different features in this field.

The 'Healthy' State of Packaging

The materials used in packaging are crucial because there is a high chance they can adversely affect the contents. Therefore, it is necessary to choose high-quality and sturdy materials. As Ahval Packaging, a packaging manufacturer based in Kayseri, we are well aware of this. Hence, it is the first thing we pay attention to when producing our products. That's why every material we use is of extremely high quality and healthy.

Packaging can directly impact health. That's why we subject each product we produce to expert inspection. If the result does not pose a health problem, we proceed with production. Since health is a highly critical matter, we pay extra attention. One of the major advantages of the cardboard we use in our products is that, next to glass, it's one of the healthiest materials. As a packaging manufacturer under Ahval, health is a top priority in many aspects we focus on.

The 'Sensitive' State of Packaging

Recycling is very important to us. Therefore, we make sure that every material we use is suitable for recycling. We don't just produce our packaging and step back. We think, care, and value the environment, nature, and life. Accordingly, we are moving forward by making a good investment in the future. We continue our work in a way that does not harm the environment. This is one of our most important values. As a packaging manufacturer, this is one of the key aspects we pay attention to in our efforts.

The 'Protective' State of Packaging

One of the fundamental characteristics of packaging is their protective nature. Packaging should protect the contents and prevent them from being damaged. We make decisions regarding the materials we use in packaging with this aspect in mind. Unlike an ordinary packaging manufacturer, we provide different solutions for different products. We ensure that the product inside the packaging is well-protected during the production process.

The 'Robust' State of Packaging

Packaging is one of the critical aspects in the field of marketing. It significantly influences commerce as it can alter consumer purchasing behavior. As an packaging manufacturer, we've observed that the right packaging can lead to your preference by consumers. Additionally, with our cardboard cups and plates, you can also conduct promotional activities. This can substantially strengthen your brand and enable cost-effective promotion.


As a packaging manufacturer, we'd like to emphasize that if you recognize and utilize its value effectively, packaging is indeed a powerful tool. It represents you, prompts consumer action, and sparks curiosity—an essential element. Regardless of how traditional this approach may seem, when done with the right strategies, it can yield significant benefits.


We, as Ahval Packaging, set out to deliver the best to you. Since our establishment in Kayseri, we have been striving to make our name known to everyone in need. We handle the packaging business with love and great seriousness. We aim to benefit not only companies but also our country. Therefore, we strive to grow every day to put our country's economy and its people in a more advantageous position. As a packaging manufacturer, we carry out all these with great discipline.


Our world is currently lost in a complete web of communication. Everywhere is filled with advertising and promotional activities. Therefore, it is crucial for you to be present in these areas and, if necessary, to be different. Because this is highly important in today's world. We offer you something much better than just a cardboard cup or plate with our products. As a manufacturer in the packaging industry, with the services and products you will receive from us, you will not only benefit from the basic function of the product. We also offer you new advertising and promotional opportunities.


If you want your company to achieve high efficiency at a low cost, you should definitely contact us for cardboard cup manufacturing and cardboard plate manufacturing. Thus, you will have provided countless advantages to your company. If you want to do this, you can contact us immediately. We ensure that you reach your request by offering solutions close to perfection. We carry out our work as Kayseri Ahval packaging manufacturer without compromising on professionalism.