We use packaging for many products we use and consume in our environment. Some might remember the times when products were packaged in what we called paper bags. Nowadays, the packaging you use for the products you consume or offer to consumers essentially means protecting your health or showcasing your company’s prestige. Therefore, especially when it comes to the packaging companies use, it’s crucial for them to seek expert support. With 20 years of experience in the tourism industry, alongside our newly established Ahval Packaging project, we provide services to our customers for this purpose at our facility in Kayseri.

Ahval Tourism Company has been operating in Kayseri in the tourism industry for a quarter of a century. This year, our company has expanded its working area by adding new projects and ventured into the production sector. We decided to invest and contribute to the country’s economy and provide employment opportunities to our fellow citizens by starting the production of cardboard cups and plates under the brand Ahval Packaging. Our goal is to establish the name Ahval Packaging as a leading and well-established entity in the packaging sector in Kayseri. To meet the growing needs day by day, we provide solutions to our customers with our expert staff and state-of-the-art machines in the packaging industry in Kayseri. You can get support from our company for the most contemporary and health-friendly packaging solutions for Kayseri. We, as Ahval Packaging, provide personalized solutions to individuals or institutions in terms of packaging, using materials that comply with Turkish and global standards. While using materials that do not harm the environment or the consumer with the packaging, we are also successful in producing specially designed products that can be effective in promoting companies. For this purpose, we have a machine park equipped with the latest technology and personnel who reflect their expertise in the best way possible. We can produce cardboard boxes, cardboard cups, cardboard plates, and special cardboard packaging boxes according to your needs in a short period.

Whether you have food products or products that require careful packaging for shipping, Ahval Packaging has expert teams that can support you. You can receive the best support for Kayseri cardboard plates or Kayseri packaging products from us, Ahval Packaging, with years of experience. Be ready to promote your company, increase your prestige, and achieve higher incomes with the packaging materials we will produce using our state-of-the-art machines. The solutions we will produce will be in line with global and Turkish standards in terms of packaging. You can request different design packaging material solutions from our company, suitable for firms trying to present most of their products in a special manner, including cardboard packaging materials for ready meals for companies providing meal services and cardboard cup solutions that all companies can use for their tea and coffee needs. We are equipped and working diligently to provide the highest quality material and craftsmanship solutions for Kayseri packaging products.